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As a full service memorial company, we don't just offer our products and services to the general public. We also work closely with cemeteries to provide columbaria, design and implement cemetery plans and answer general questions. We provide columbaria, engraving, cemetery section markers, plot corner posts and many other products for cemeteries. We can even digitize old maps or design whole new sections of your cemetery. We have worked closely with cemeteries to devise and implement bylaws which help keep cemeteries safe in the years to come. Our drawings and bylaws have also met the BAO's requirements when submitting paperwork for cemetery expansion. We understand that cemetery solutions need to be not just easy but also cost effective and we work with both small and large cemeteries to meet their needs.

Some of our services offered (click for more information):


The current cremation rate in Canada is approx. 75% and forecasted to grow to over 77% by the end of 2024. Columbaria has never been a more cost effective way for a cemetery to extend it's life by conserving valuable land and generating much needed revenue.


A columbarium is an above ground structure or wall with niches for urns to be stored in. Each niche in a columbarium typically houses 1-2 urns and has an interior of approx. 12”x12”x12” (this dimension may vary depending on the size and shape of the unit). A niche is then covered by a niche plate where names and dates are engraved or attached.

We have worked extensively in Oxford, Middlesex, Norfolk, Elgin and Brant county to install over 30 columbaria units at over 17 cemeteries. Some of our past installs include octagonal, hexagonal and rectangular columbaria.

We also offer planning services to help develop current and new columbaria areas for years to come. We source granite columbaria of any size, shape or colour in pre-determined sizes or even custom built to any specification or need. Most importantly, we offer a close working relationship with cemeteries where we have the ability to support the products we sell.


We've developed a PowerPoint presentation to help explain the pros and cons of columbaria and how it could be beneficial to your cemetery. Contact us at 519-536-9910 or at to book a time to have us speak to your cemetery board.

Rectanglular & octagonal columbaria
Rectangular columbarium being installed
Columbaria Plan

Cemetery Repair & Cleaning

Most cemeteries in Ontario have sections and memorial in need of repair. We can work with you and your budget to identify those memorials that are unsafe or in need of immediate repair. It can be as simple as repairing a joint and cleaning a memorial or as complex as taking apart a large spire to completely replace the foundation underneath.

We've worked with municipalities, cemetery boards and churches over the years to keep their cemeteries safe and pleasant looking to the public. We've even worked with the War Graves Commission to ensure our veterans tablets and memorials were in pristine condition - one contract included cleaning and repairing over 300 memorials throughout Oxford County over a five month period.

Working with our experienced and professional sub-contractors, we can offer services such as: leveling of old memorials (foundation repair), lettering, cleaning and much more.

Contact us at 519-536-9910 or at to set up an appointment to discuss how we can work with your cemetery.

repair 1.jpg
repair 2.jpg
repair 3.JPG
repair 4.jpg
dva tablet.jpg

Bylaw Development

With over 70 years of experience, we've helped cemeteries in Oxford, Middlesex, Norfolk, Elgin, Brant and Perth counties, develop their memorial bylaws (rules and regulations) ensuring safe and orderly memorial installation for years to come. We have experience working closely with municipal, church and board run cemeteries to tailor their bylaws to their own cemetery.

Some of the cemeteries we've worked with include Tillsonburg, Ingersoll Sacred Heart, Woodstock Presbyterian, Zion 7th Line and more.


New Section Layout

We've worked with multiple locations to design new sections in their cemeteries. These can range from small columbaria areas to larger overall cemetery sections with hundreds of future burials. We can work with your cemetery develop new maps for BAO (Bereavement Authority of Ontario) approval. Maps are detailed so that your cemetery will be ready to operate in the decades to come.

Some of the cemeteries we've worked with include Tillsonburg, Otterville, Norwich Gordon Walker, Embro Log Church, North Embro, Ingersoll Rural, Ingersoll Sacred Heart, Harrington Presbyterian, Delmer, Woodstock Anglican, Woodstock St. Mary's and more.

New Section Layout

Corner Posts & Section Markers

For decades, we've been providing 6"x6" corner posts for various cemeteries in Oxford, Brant and Elgin counties. These corner posts typically come in a set of four and mark the corners of a family plot with the family's name or initial.

As cemeteries are getting larger, we've been asked to develop section markers. These are meant to help indicate an area of the cemetery to the public to better help them locate their loved ones. Section markers can range from small boulders in a garden to larger custom designed markers.

Decorative Features

Does your cemetery want to commemorate a recent donation? Do you want to create unique signage? Or do you just want a nice area for people to visit and sit for a while? Granite decorative features are a long lasting and beautiful way to do so.

We've created granite benches, etched plaques and engraved on natural boulders to create a timeless look at many local cemeteries.

If you're looking for a way to raise some funds, please speak with us and we can advise you on how you could incorporate granite features like these into your cemetery.

Etched Plaque
Commemorative Bench
Cemetery Repair
New Section Layout
Section Markers
Decorative Features
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