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Tombstones, Monuments and Markers in the Ingersoll Memorials showroom
Ingersoll - 519-485-3880
Tombstones, Monuments and Markers in the Tillsonburg Memorials showroom
Tillsonburg - 519-688-0490
Tombstones, Monuments and Markers in the Thames Memorials showroom in Woodstock
Thames (Woodstock) - 519-536-9910

With the use of modern design technology, we are able to offer increased personal choice to you, the consumer. We are proud of our hands on attention to detail, our high standard of quality workmanship and we are pleased to offer our expertise to you.


As a full service memorial company, we offer:

Serving Oxford & Surrounding Counties

To better serve the Oxford, Middlesex, Norfolk, Elgin, Brant and surrounding counties, Ingersoll Memorials is located at 523902 Curry Road (just south of the 401 on Hwy. 19), Tillsonburg Memorials is located at 58A Broadway St. (beside Hurley's Mattress & Appliance) and Thames Memorials is located at 1210 Nellis Street in Woodstock just east of Lansdowne Ave.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us.



After his discharge from the army and apprenticing with Telephone City Monument Works in Brantford, Jack Pettit along with his father Roy, purchased what is now Ingersoll Memorials in 1952.

The firm was located on Tunis St. in Ingersoll and father and son operated the business together until Roy retired in the mid sixties. In 1978 Jack's son Doug joined the firm as a memorial craftsman and designer. In 1981 the business moved to it's present location on Hwy. 19 just south of the 401. This move offered greater accessibility to the public and a larger more modern facility for all. In 1993 Doug's wife Sharlene became the firm's office manager. Jack Pettit passed away in 1998 just prior to renovations being completed on our Ingersoll offices and showroom.

In the spring of 2002, in order to better serve the Oxford, Norfolk and Elgin areas, the Pettits opened Tillsonburg Memorials. Shortly thereafter in early 2003, Sharlene & Doug's son Jonathan, with a background in graphic and media design, joined the firm.


In 2005, Doug Pettit was the recipient of the Ingersoll & Area Chamber of Commerce "Industry Person of the Year" award.


Our Woodstock retail branch and production facility, Thames Memorials, was opened in the spring of 2008 to serve the surrounding area in both the Oxford and Brant Counties.

In the summer of 2019, Jonathan and his wife Sarah, purchased Ingersoll, Tillsonburg & Thames Memorials making it a true fourth generation family business.

In 2022, Jonathan joined the board of The Ontario Monument Builders Association (OMBA) and earned the distinction of CMM (Certified Master Memorialist) in spring of 2024.


As always, the Pettit family looks forward to the privilege of serving you in the years to come.


We are members in good standing of:

  • The Ontario Monument Builders Association (OMBA)

  • The Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce

  • The Rotary Club of Ingersoll

  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business



Are you not able to make it into one of our three locations? Not to worry. We can help you with the decision making process online and answer any questions you have by phone, email or video chat.

The memorial choices you have are many as granite memorials come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Memorials can be as custom as you'd like or as traditional as you wish and we are always available to help you design your own memorial if you so choose. To determine the cost of a memorial, there are many questions. Let's get started:

  1. What cemetery will the memorial be going to?
    All cemeteries have different bylaws. Some are very strict while others may be virtually non-existent. Bylaws will impact the size of the memorial allowed, the type (upright or flat marker) or could prohibit you from having a memorial all together. We can work with you to figure out what is allowed at your cemetery or you can speak with the cemetery's caretaker or secretary to see what you're allowed.


  2. How many graves will the memorial be over and what type of grave(s) is it?
    Will the memorial be centered on a single, double or more grave plot? Some people purchase a double grave plot for two full burials while others prefer to purchase a single grave plot and have two cremated urns placed there. The size of the plot will directly impact the size of the memorial. As well, is it a special grave configuration (i.e. a cremation grave which can be 1/2 the size of a standard grave)? All these questions help determine what you're allowed.


  3. Size, Shape & Colour. Which do you like?
    These three items are the most important in deciding what memorial you would like. We'll break them out below:


    1. Size
      How large of a memorial would you like? If you have a single grave, some cemeteries will only allow up to 26" wide memorial (base included) on a single grave. This means we have to be a little more creative when designing the memorial to maximize the area for names and graphics.


    2. Shape
      What sort of shape would you like? There's the more common serpentine tablet shape (rectangular with a small rise in the middle) or you could go as custom as you like. There are shapes that incorporate bevels, peaks, and more. Shapes can even include sculpted areas such as trees, floral or other.


    3. Colour - click here for our colour guide
      Colour is the most important of the three to finalize a price. Different colours of granite can come from all over the world. We source granite from Canada, USA, Europe, India, and China to name a few locations. Different granite colours will have different contrasts when lettering and that may impact your decision. Black is by far one of the most popular colours as all lettering and design is easily readable and visible from a distance. Are we matching something already in the cemetery? If so, we can always take a look and make sure we match it as closely as possible. For more information view our colour guide to see the colours we have available.


That's it. If you've answered those questions, we can get you a price and get your memorial on order. We may even have something in stock that would suit your needs. If we don't have the memorial and have to order it in, we can work with you on the lettering and design while the granite is on it's way. This will help us place the memorial in the cemetery as quickly as possible. Once the granite is ordered, it's now time to consider lettering, designs and cemetery accessories:

  • Lettering
    If you have a memorial selected, the next step is to decide how you would like the lettering to appear on the memorial. Something to always keep in mind is that we do not charge by the letter. Included in our pricing is as much lettering that you want on the primary surface of the memorial (i.e. front of an upright memorial or top of a flat marker).

    We have access to many different fonts and lettering styles so there are many choices available to you. Lettering can be different sizes but commonly you will see a family name at approx. 3" high, names 1.25" high, and dates 1" high (these are sizes used in the memorial industry and help make it easier to match future engraving). We are always available to advise you on what we can fit on a memorial and the best lettering styles to make it as legible and visible as possible. 


  • Sandblasted Graphics - click here for our design catalogue
    We have a large design catalogue available to us with custom imagery like golfers, boat, cars, and cars (to name a few) but we also offer more traditional designs such as floral and religious symbolism. Included in our pricing is as much sandblasted design work that you want on the primary surface of the memorial (i.e. front of an upright memorial or top of a flat marker).

    We don't have what you're looking for in our catalogue? That's OK, we don't force you to select from just those designs. We can take a photo or reference an item as best as possible through a sandblasted design on your memorial at no extra cost. View our design catalogue to see some of what we've done in the past and could incorporate onto your memorial.


  • Memorial Accessories
    Many memorial accessories are available ranging from:


    • Vases (attached to upright memorial bases, flat markers or installed in the ground in front of a memorial)

    • Ceramic Photos (colour and black and white)

    • Impact Etchings - for more detailed photos or personalized graphics (completed in-house)

    • Candle holders and candles

    • Statuary​ (granite & marble)

    • Bronze Attachments


  • Proofs & Approvals
    You will always have the final say on your memorial. We won't touch a chisel to the granite until you've fully signed off on the design. You will always receive a proof and have the opportunity to make changes to finalize your memorial design.



Please roll over the photos below for more information and to view even more of our past work.





523902 Curry Road, Ingersoll, ON

9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday

Evenings & Saturdays by Appointment



58A Broadway Street, Tillsonburg, ON

10am to 5pm - Monday to Friday

Evenings & Saturdays by Appointment

Thames (Woodstock)


1210 Nellis Street, Woodstock, ON

10am to 5pm - Monday to Friday

Evenings & Saturdays by Appointment

After Hour Appointments

We understand that you can't always make it to one of our locations within current business hours. We are happy to try and accommodate your schedule by meeting with you outside our regular hours. To make an appointment please contact us at 519-536-9910.

Appointments & Inquiries

For any inquiries, please call 519-536-9910 or fill out the following form

Thank you. Your message has been sent. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Please call 519-536-9910 if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours.

Head Office

Ingersoll, Tillsonburg & Thames Memorials

1210 Nellis Street

Woodstock, ON N4T 1N9

Tel: 519-536-9910

Fax: 519-485-2541

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